Your OUYA has shipped! (order P1-23)​

— Sent from Mailbox for iPhone

———- Forwarded message ———- From: “OUYA” Date: Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 10:44 PM Subject: Your OUYA has shipped! (order P1-23) To: “[email protected]

> The moment is almost here. Your OUYA package is officially on the way — tracking number below. > We are so grateful that you helped us bring OUYA to life. It seriously would *not* have happened without your support. We worked hard to ship OUYA as promised, and will keep working to change console gaming forever. > Your order was shipped via DHL Express Worldwide, and is estimated to arrive April 1, 2013 – April 11, 2013. > The following items were included in this shipment: > 1 x Gift-Ouya Gaming System N (90E2-0V10010) > This shipment was sent to: > Amol Sarva > #6R > 10917 72ND RD > FOREST HILLS, NY 11375 > United States > Tracking Number 8264893803 > You can track your package by clicking the link below: > > (Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking number to be recognized on the carrier website.) > A few things to know about your OUYA: > * Every game is indeed free to try but you’ll need a valid credit/debit card to download games. You will only pay for games that you love, but we want to get payment info out of the way right up front. Typing a credit card number onto a console is annoying enough, and we’d rather you didn’t do it in the middle of playing a game. We know “pushing pause” sucks when you’re in it. > * When you first boot up OUYA, you will experience your first OUYA update — this is to make sure that you have all the latest features. This process can take seconds or minutes — how good is your internet connection? > * New games are coming every day and we want to have your favorites! You can request a game through gamer support at We’re reaching out to new developers all the time, and are especially interested in games that haven’t yet made their way to consoles… > * OUYA will keep evolving with your feedback — so bring it on. Our contact details are at We’ll also be announcing a few public forums for comments (e.g., on Reddit). > Other than that, you’re just a week or two away from mashing your OUYA buttons. Enjoy.