Here’s my About Amol page. It says I have started a bunch of startups, some big, built a big building, and done some other neat stuff.

Right now I’m building KnotelKnotable and Halo Neuroscience. Three amazing companies.

This is my weblog.

Drwn News was my weblog from 2006-2011, and before that from 2001 it was here as Drownout News.

Here’s what I wrote in my first post:

This is the first installment of the semi-public online diary. Semi-public, why? Because nobody reads it!

I lived in Paris for a year in 2002-2003, finishing my dissertation, and kept this travelogue: Drwn France. What I miss most about living there

Supermarket pain au chocolat. This philosopher is just a machine for turning pain au chocolat into theory.

In 2007, I founded Peek after co-founding Virgin Mobile USA and working for McKinsey & Company as well as other startups. I studied at Columbia and Stanford. More about me at AmolSarva.com

Please contact me by emailing amol at sarva dot co.

Sometimes people ask me for advice about their startup or about a job or other opportunity. Read this, a post about what to do before. About meeting me, read this.

Some other writings to get schooled up on: Ship While You Sleep (about the way of hiring teams and building product that I call code as cards) and Amol’s Guide for Beginners (a best-of selection from this blog).

Need a photo or a bio for a conference? Get them here at amolsarva.com