Cold email to me, start here.

So, you cold emailed me saying “Hey I’m working on something awesome and I could really use your help.”

Thank you! I suspect I can indeed likely help you out. However, I get lots of these inquiries and my first thought is not “I’m too busy” but “I could help you more if you did some other stuff first.”

Here is that other stuff:

Learn about startups on your own. I now teach a class at Columbia about venturing, and here is the syllabus. Read all that stuff.

Read my own humble writings about startups: Ship While You Sleep and Amol’s Guide for Beginners.

Read the 10x larger set of writings at and and

Read my pieces in TechCrunch or Huffpo.

Join and come to some meetings

Come to a Salon at Knotel, where I often hang around on Thursday at 5 or Friday at 5 at one of our Knotels.

Then, come up with something really interesting to say and email me again to a at sarva dot co.

I might reply then.