Apple’s WatchOS 3, that just came out.

It’s awesome. The Watch now works.

  • Raise hand and say “hey Siri” works now
  • Siri keeps working even when you put your hand down again, so the screen has the answer when you look again
  • The apps load fast
  • The 2nd button is a “switch between recent stuff” tray
  • The swipe up from the bottom for mini-apps thing is gone now, keeping analogy to iOS and making more sense
  • Also, things are fast
  • Moving between watch faces, the actual killer app of the watch — simply a more informative and beautiful watch face — is now really easy
  • And the battery life!! It seems to be twice as long to me. End of day at 70% instead of 10%.

Bravo – now the Watch is ready to pwn the world.