Meeting me: some formal opportunities I host to meet new folks

// pre-covid // this program is on vacation for now but may be back soon! //

I like meeting new folks and I try to make myself available in a few formal ways to make sure I am meeting a diversity of new folks from different walks of life.

Fridays I host a Founders Salon at HQ from about 5pm and I’ll typically ask someone who asks to meet me whether they would like to visit this. Email me day of to confirm. It’s usually at the current Knotel HQ but it varies.

The third Thursday of the month I host a lunch for which I specifically recruit rising star women and invite them in small groups, a counterpoint to the more male Friday event. If you heard about it or want to hear, just email me.

Every 2 months, I have been collaborating with senior women leaders on a dinner series for Women Leaders, also partly a counterpoint to the mostly-male events I am invited to or hosting all the time. Same; email me.

If you are a startup founder and want to pitch an idea or get help please have a look at this.

If any of these strike you as interesting, write to me.

Some background on diversity motivations here and here.

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