Gender mix and Net Promoter check-in: how it’s going

About 5 months ago I started a few projects to fix the gender-mix of my network which was 80/20 male/female.

The projects:

  1. Monthly Third Thursday Lunch for Women Founders and Rising Stars. When I’m introduced to women, I invite them to that (instead of to our Knotel Founders Salon on Fridays, which is basically beers).
  2. Every Six Weeks Women CFOs and CEOs Dinner. In partnership with a woman leader each time, I’ve been hosting at Knotel a dinner to hear and learn from women leaders on how it’s going in the world of work with respect to gender.
  3. Cosmic Women Project. I’ve been asking my seniormost mentors and gurus for introductions to seniormost women mentors and gurus(?).


So how’s it going?

Well, I ran my personal Net Promoter Survey email last week and while the NPS is the same (46%) the gender mix is now 76/24. Maybe it’s noise, or maybe it’s real.


Via the 3 lunches I’ve met about 10 new women leaders and reconnected with 5, via the 2 dinners perhaps 40, and via the cosmic project I have met 4 stellar women but I’m not sure yet that any have adopted me as a protege. Working on it some more all year.  Kind of slow going, though.