1 more hour per day.

The NYT site tells me I read 133 articles “recently”. I think that’s not far off — perhaps 5-10 articles per day at 3-5 minutes each. ~750 minutes per month. 13 hours – half an hour per day.

Plus Twitter, where I turn after the NYT loses my interest. It’s probably another 30 min per day.

I deleted the two apps today. Let’s see how it goes. They are the biggest time sucks.

I already watch zero TV, sports, Netflix, etc. I might listen to 3 hours of NPR and podcasts per week; 0.5-1.5 hours hours of PBS Newshour and perhaps Colbert/Daily Show bits.

The rest of my leisure is books, and overwhelmingly it is email/work.

Hopefully I can come up with some interesting and worthwhile ways to spend my new free time.