37 PR tips stolen from Jack Dorsey

– have a list of messages (3-5) that backbone every conversation and blog post and thing you do ever
– really. Ignore the questions and speak your messages.
– not really. Be charming and responsive but on message.
– make friends with influential journalists right now by saying you like them, sending them ideas, intros to other founders
– be colorful. If you can’t speak with charisma, change. Or else you will sound like Mitt Romney an die alone
– name drop well. Jak Dorsey likes you; inspired by Oprah; when I was a Foursquare beta tester. Etc.
– create an Index or Infographic series. Do research or polls to publish it.
– host a panel series or conference or keynote something awesome.
– tell people all about something but don’t let them try it. Pretend you are keeping it a secret.
– have a calendar and make yourself do stuff. Your product and customer traction won’t happen on-schedule enough for you to keep relationships fresh. So blog posts, events, commentary on other topics, speaking at conferences will keep you in the game
– be controversial. Startups are challengers. Insult someone big.
– hire a “PR assistant” to make a list of all influential targets and add them to your email list plus write to them on your behalf. This is a data miner / friendly emailer
– have a purpose or cause. Talk about that and link your product to it.
– combine your personal identity with professional. You are a character people will “follow”. Many stories are not about features or facts but about people
– react to the “beat” stories like April Fools Day in tech or holiday shopping or NSA snooping. Have a view, launch a hooked feature or initiative.
– have actual creative people or writers involved. Business and tech people are super rational and boring to read.
– give news to the powerful top of pyramid folks first not the fast rewrite folks
– know the flow of influence from serious daily print writers down to tweets, and reverse. Different tactics for different parties
– being quoted on another topic is cool. Reporters read and make you a source
– have your contact info easy to find and have an important person watch that line (eg the ceo, not a consultant who can’t comment)
– journalists are one kind of influencer. Include in your theory of the world all the other influential types — analysts, leaders, VCs and CEOs, evangelists, etc. Treat them like people.
– treat pitching like “helping” the journo. Provide a service. You are packaging your storyline yes but foremost helping them meet a deadline.