99+1 great rules from Altucher

A favorite:

25) What is the sign of an amateur? Any of these things:

– asking for an NDA

– trying to raise VC money before product or customers

– having fights with partners in the first year. Fire them or split before anything gets out of control

– Worrying about dilution

– Trying to get Mark Cuban to invest because “this would be great for the Dallas Mavericks”

– Asking people you barely know to introduce you to Mark Cuban

– Asking people for five minutes of their time. It’s never five minutes so you are establishing yourself as a liar.

– Having a powerpoint that doesn’t show me arbitrage. I need to know that there is a small chance there is a 100x return on money.

– Catch 22: showing people there’s a small chance there’s 100x return on their money. The secret of salesmanship is getting through the Catch 22.

– rejecting a cash offer for your company when you have almost no revenues. Hello friendster and foursquare.


Read the all though. Really good.