A formula for angel investing

After about 50 deals in 5 years, I have my principal back and about 40 active companies. 

This is them: Sarva.co

This is my original formula statement

It is pretty much based on Fabrice’s excellent system

What have I learned?

1. You have to wait. These things take years. 7-10 years to ripen. 

2. They create other bigger opportunities like A rounds and Pro Rata follow-ons. If you don’t keep 2x available for that, you miss out. 

3. Early liquidity is rare. I suspect that founders who invent an early exit door will raise better and faster. But the system has not yet provided this. 

Refining the original framework further, a good deal is four things:

A: people. 

B: market

C: product

D: financing. 

In that order. But it’s a checklist. You do need a company with acceptable financing risk (they can raise, the market doesn’t hate them, they are raising enough now…) to go for it. Else too risky. 

For example I saw a deal today with OK A but very weak D. Which means I am biased against. If I’m in for 25-50k, a small check, I would be half the round. And you can’t accomplish much in so short a runway. Namely you can’t change the D landscape, or the A.