About stealing jobs, by robots or immigrants

Every single intellectual piece on robots has this same narrative and they all suck:

The narrative is:
Robots will eventually steal people’s jobs and we won’t have anything to do.

The rich will employ robots and not people and the poor will suffer.

Something must be done!

Here is what they ALL miss:

The same forces make it easier for the average schmuck to attack any market. Using robots and automation and AI and software… Smaller cheaper faster teams are able to build bigger more powerful innovative products — Instagram and Snapchat and Tesla and SpaceX and Uber and all the exciting companies of our age. And the Etsy sellers and Uber drivers and Taskrabbits and Elance workers.

Do more, in less time, with less money…that seems great.

Only for the most lethargic TV-watchers and clock-punchers is this bad news.