Amol Promoter Score, 2017 Edition.

I did a survey this month asking everyone I have in my email inbox (~15,000 people) a net promoter-type question. Above is the result. About 40% net promoter.

Folks added some comments and they are here. People are super nice and it’s lovely to hear their feedback — but not exclusively favorable comments. Some good advice. Sometimes I’m mean or arrogant or insensitive. And among those that were ‘passives’ (i.e., 7s or 8s) there was a lot of “I don’t really know Amol”, which I suspect I cannot easily change at large scale. Maybe I can. Will think about it.


These are the types of people I know.


This one is a bummer; lop-sided by gender. This is a reason why my companies are also lop-sided by gender I suspect. We are working to change that.

More detail.

Four years ago, I did a similar survey. (I don’t know how I let so much time go by since then!)

What I learned then is the 50ish people who did reply were quite favorable. Thought it felt like all promoters, it was actually 53% net promoters.

That time I did a pros and cons secondary question, so those are the red and green word clouds (negatives red and positives green).