An upvote please

Hey, We started showing Knotable to folks and now things are really flowing…a little faster than expected. If you have a Twitter account please upvote Knotable here –> link


We are trying to win a free vacuum cleaner :) (Now back to work for a while before I bother you again)



P.S. a small bit of wisdom from Knotable on the power of interruptionless time and flow –> link

P.P.S. if that post is convincing, then you can sign up for a little taste of FLOW in Knotable here

P.P.P.S my new favorite twitter account is @FlavaOnFlow the rapper Flava Flav on the state of Flow here

P.P.P.P.S. we demoed Knotable to a thousand people last night and it worked! And it was awesome! here

They will have videos eventually. Thanks @anildash and @rasiej and @davelerner and @dawntweet and @billdeblasio for moral support – a pic: here