Andreessen’s interview on Bloomberg with Ritholz

Babe Ruth Effect – Swing for homers, miss more

Volcano Movie Effect – ideas come in waves

Founder-friendly – technical founder can learn to be a great business builder

The Idea Maze – sophisticated founders have thought through the network of questions robustly

“The How High Is Up” Question – can this company achieve 10x? 100x? 1000x?

50/49/1 – lose, flat or multiple, 100x+ outcomes. The successful deals make the money, the unsuccessful ones make the reputation.

2,000 looks per year, 300 partner meeting reviews, 30 deals per year ($10ish MM per deal)

VC is a local craft of partners.

Software at the core is the A16Z strategy. Software is alchemy. “Software is labor that creates capital.” Scalable. Magical.

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