“Apologies for the mass mail but…” / product ideas

Brewster and Humin are spamming the crap out of me on behalf of people who have my email.

For these people the benefit is “update your contacts”.

For me it is “let them have your mobile #”.

I only unsubscribed after the 100th one do it must not be that outrageous.

What else is OK to auto-spam people with?

It also can’t be a straight generic Facebook item.

“Apologies for the mass mail but…”

– Catching up / it’s been ages since we connected on mail so I thought I’d send you my latest…

– I changed jobs! Reach me here…

– I got married or had a kid. Woohoo, here are some pics…

– New email address alert

– My account was hacked. Please disregard the message about xyz

– The press reports about me are wrong, I am very much alive/not violent/innocent/honest/still x

– My kickstarter just launched/almost tipped/needs help so support me please

– Charity in need. I will walk/run/jump/give cookies/etc if you pay money

– You are invited to a party…

– My new book/product/article/video/concert/album/etc is out and I think you should get it