Baking a cake

I met the legendary Pmarca recently and he dropped a lot of science.

One thing was: making a company is like baking a cake.

You can’t add a key ingredient later.

This is the kind of wisdom, first of all, from someone who sees great deals. Amazing ideas, in amazing markets, with some great people and maybe even rolling traction.

The advice therefore is about how to get to greatness.

You have so much going for you.

But you won’t get there if you are missing even one key thing. Awesome.

Lucky him.

But the advice is sound.

Samsung won’t become a software company. Microsoft won’t become a hardware company. (Long Apple?)

So back to you and me. How to build our companies. Visualize your future. Build for it. Have the people who will be the essence of each piece. Make it part of your strategy from early on.

This is the key. You can’t bolt it on later.