“Daddy comes with”

29 year old CEO who is super sharp and his 55 year old founder, backer,
mentor go meet a big Silicon Valley hotshot. They both talk, maybe the
founder talks more — I mean he’s the founder right?

The rest of the details don’t matter. That was a Daddy Comes With. It means
the CEO is a joke and nobody believes in him, even the CEO himself doesn’t

I must confess I did this for one of my first outings to a big huge firm
with my wingman “the CEO” (since I couldn’t leave my job to start this
company; it was only my *idea* see this link for an explanation of what
this means –>
https://www.google.com/search?q=complete+bullshit&oq=complete+bullshit )

The feedback from that meeting was: “nobody is going to back this guy if
you show up, do all the talking, answer all the questions, have all the
credible experience, and this dude is blinking at you.”

“Nevermind that you would do it BETTER. If he can’t do it, then we are not

So. Avoid Daddy Comes With.