Extremisms meet: health

In one corner: the anti-science nincompoops who say no to vaccines because they don’t want to put “toxic” chemicals in their body.

Crazy, right?

Their foolishness is insisting that “science is irrelevant” (or wrong).

They say dangerous things about vaccines and I have noticed increasingly say things about other stuff: sunscreen (“I don’t want chemical toxins on my skin. I build a base layer.” – Vogue in August), vitamins, antibacterials or antivirals.

But they are not to mistrust the certainties of certain scientific proclamations and to suppose that relatively new things may turn out to have unknown risks.

The other corner: hyper-aware scientists designing the diet to live forever. Kurzweil for example and his 100 pills per day.

I’ve been reading Fantastic Voyage and TRANSCEND (it’s an acronym). Surprisingly full of:
– intensely detailed accounts of micro toxic doses of compounds in food preparation and ingredients
– intense scrutiny of the sun you get, water Ph you drink, coffee vs tea and how much and when
– exercise and timing and duration and interaction with sugar

Ok so it’s hyper scientific and rigorous. Way more so than my personal physician.

But it also ends up looping back to the “I don’t want chemicals in my body”. In fact they root them out with intensity — natural or man made.

If you want to live forever you have to perfect everything going in and out (until future tech arrives that makes it as easy as living to 70).