Favorite newsletters

Since we are in the newsletter boom again, now that RSS has died and sensible people stopped expecting curation on Twitter…here are my favorite newsletters (most of which I just got *added* to at some point by their authors, and I quite like…)

Nick Thompson’s stuff to read. He’s CEO of the Atlantic and generally reads a lot of weird, interesting journalistic stuff (plus stuff about running, like a piece about Malcolm Gladwell doing a podcast with a running publication.)

The Goldman Sachs equity markets “On our minds this week…” by Dees and Esposito. It captures the Wall St chatter pretty well. (This week it’s “there might be a soft landing, but not sure yet.”)

The social-impact-minded lawyer Kyle Westway’s Weekend Read. Pretty charming, calm visual style and brief content writeups.

Our new company Aikito has a great one on proptech – short, insightful, and sings the praises of using location financing to smooth your capex budget for new buildouts. Here’s the newsletter.

My own personal newsletter is a very occasional “what’s new in my world” update – it can cover my new products or my new venture investments or Davos or great books. Here you go.

My longest duration relationship with a newsletter is Benedict Evans. I used to read him and Asymco and Daring Fireball. My browsing changed but my newsletter consumption didn’t.

Oh and my occasional newsletter that you can get on by emailing me or signing up here.

To do: someone needs to explain to me how a substack is different than a blog-that-gets-mailed-to-you. What someone should really be doing is re-inventing RSS….