Four ideas

Exciting themes.

Wearable bionics. Sensors are everywhere and they are reshaping consumer
electronics. But those waves are going out not in. The next gen will
exploit the technologies of miniaturization, battery and radio waves to
send signal in and enhance the body. Halo Neuroscience for example.

The augmented self. The quantification movement used software to track. The
next wave is underway of technology that links mind with software to
enhance mood, motivation, cognition, focus, and learning.

The smart cloud. Our data is up there – files, information, relationships.
Now the cloud will start thinking too. Catch that flight, remind that
student, refresh that contact, renew the insurance policy. Founders are
building products that think for you as software that links Google to
Dropbox to iPhone to Facebook. This is Knotable.

The PC of Robots. The roomba robot is in houses everywhere and its founder
has made a $20k general purpose learning robot. Next invention pending is
the Apple Computer of robots. What is the $2000 robot for every home? What
will it do? Fly? Think?