Having a Strategy, via “Disruption is not a strategy” from @ganeumann

Gerry Neumann has some nice things to say about disruption and also strategy —


I don’t think he is always right on “no disruption in biotech”.

People do make new markets (eg the great Phil Satow’s work on depression, suicide prevention; or others on hair loss or impotence; or our work with Halo Neuroscience). Yeah sure saving lives is an obvious market, but these unrecognized needs/wants are markets that needed development.

Not sure they are all Christensen Disruption though I do think people laughed at Rogaine and will consider the early application of Halo a “toy” (it’s used for sports – public posts by Golden State Warriors, US Ski Team, and other elite players of games).

But he separately lays out “here is what a strategy looks like, stupid” and he is very right about all that.

The thing is Zero Day entrepreneurs need a different strategy than The Funded and that is again separate from the Product-Market Fit CEOs.

Maybe these are the three essential phases in onion-peeling the steps in founder life (more on the onion of risk here pmarchive.com/guide_to_startups_part2.html which by the way will help you far more in life than my post you are reading right now)

But I like these phases.

Zero Day – PowerPoint, no money, maybe tech, maybe prototype, maybe team. Money is your top goal.

The Funded – you have some backers so you have “everything” except product market fit, which remains your white whale.

Product Market Fit – cold happen in Series Seed or Series B but after PMF it is about scaling not search, and growth is the metric.