How do you avoid creating a sexist company?

We have a company that’s not very big but it’s getting big (used to be 1 person, now it’s around 25). It’s mostly men – some pockets where there are lots of women but the top management is all dudes – board, CEO, VPs. It’s already been on my mind as a problem (as CEO), and another topic popped up the other day that got me even more concerned about it.

So here is a pretty open ended post inviting input, ideas, suggestions, rants, questions on: what should the CEO do to prevent his company from calcifying into a sexist company?

I have a few thoughts already but here is just a canvas…

Please post your thoughts right here at this link

Based on what gets posted I’m going to write a summary and share it with my fellow startup founders, CEOs, etc and post it on Huffington Post.