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Hey there

You hear from me when I have something exciting to share. This spring there have been a few big ones: Q is for Queens, Gramofon, Halo Neuroscience.

The core of all this work, which people do ask me about, is how on earth do you do all this stuff?

Well the answer is I am an obsessively organized and fastidious person. I follow up on everything, always, eventually, and move it forward. That is why you are getting this email — you and me have done stuff together and I will not let mere time get between us.

At the heart of the last year however has been a huge undertaking to make this kind of careful, persistent, collaborative work possible. The only way to stay on top of things is some variation of emails and calls and meetings and general messiness.

There has to be a better technology for this. Not something that is just chat more or make more charts or whiz bang document editing. Something that starts with THIS. This thread. This conversation we are having.

Well after a year of work we are 1% of the way there. We showed it at Techcrunch Disrupt and they wrote very nice things about it here –>

The video explaining it is here –>

That is all for now. If you want to see the background it is here –>

Stay tuned for the engraved invitation.


P.S. I am hosting a conference called on June 12 and you should come. If you do the tickets are only 1/4 the price till Monday

P.P.S. is my awesome ABC kids book. Only a few days to get one

P.P.P.S my blog and our office where you are welcome to hang out and make stuff

And of course you can say goodbye too.

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