How to be creative, part 1of x

People like to be creative. They admire others who are. They benefit hugely from the new ideas produced.

It’s not the only thing but it is an important thing.

Being productive is another such thing. People work and talk a lot about how to be that. Getting Things Done movements and so forth.

They talk less about the personal habits and organizational approaches that generate creativity.

I have been noodling about this too. I’m going to read some books like Creativity Inc and re-read awesome books like Polya’s How To Solve It.

But here are some straight facts that everyone agrees with that probably should be accounted for in any good theory.

1. Long runs and exercise lead to good ideas

2. Showers and baths too

3. And the middle of the night – sleep or just late nights up

4. Alcohol and drugs can also

5. And, meditation is often described this way — eg David Lynch

6. Conversation or discussion with other people

7. Unexpected inspiration in unfamiliar models or facts

Maybe that’s boring (uncreative?).

But you rarely hear of someone say “I am working on a hard problem. Going to go for a run.” I mean you hear it in movies. Or maybe you hear it in real life but I don’t.

So I guess that my first assignment. Survey some people. Back soon.

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