How to do more @shanesnow @karinklein

Some ideas from a recent pair of talks on how I operate.

1. Managing your own time.

Be selfish.

Solo time.

Structured work time.


Time boxes.

Open office hours. Standing open house slots for smaller meetings.

2. Meetings.

Walking around. Short meetings.

Three roles for meetings: a) problem solving, b) deadlines, c) socializing.

Roles not for meetings: information dissemination, coordination, analysis.


Small meetings. Detailed discussion.

Big meetings. Technical matters: alignment, or adaptive matters: letting the people do the work.

Recurring meetings. Rhythm for teams.

Meeting strangers. Not to be overlooked.

3. Managing your priorities.

Now and later lists.

Scheduled work time.

Cards. Visible and small.

“Work in process” is not work. Never leave something in draft. Always move a card.

Processes allow delegation.

Places. Different ones for different jobs or meetings or mindsets.

Peter Drucker.
Taichi Ohno.
Archilochos: Fox and the hedgehog.
Ronald Heifetz.