If you can say this, your product can win

5) Meteor is the future

Some people might hesitate to learn Meteor because it is quite different from programming in a traditional LAMP stack or an MVC framework like Rails. I would argue this is actually an argument in favor of learning Meteor. The entire web is moving toward thick clients, reactive interfaces, and realtime APIs. And it’s not just Meteor: many leading tech companies have developed internal frameworks that share some of the same ideas. Asana has Luna, Facebook has React, and Airbnb has Rendr, to name a few. If you learn Meteor, your knowledge will grow more and more relevant with time, not less.

Technology moves fast in this world; an app that was state-of-the-art eight years ago would feel clunky today. Users’ expectations are calibrated by rich reactive web apps like Facebook and Twitter, and as developers, we don’t get to choose that. The best web developers aren’t just good programmers; they’re adept at judging industry trends and staying current with the latest tools and technology. When you’re choosing what to learn, you want to skate toward where the puck will be, not where it is right now.

via The Meteor blog.