In Startup City

Been a while. In SF today. NYC has a lot of startups?
Got nothing on SF.
Land. Taxi to friends office.
We are in the Siebel building. Trying to get in the locked door with me is
the head of sales of one of the biggest digital marketing platforms, used
to work in this building and friends are all at
My friends company is in that ballpark, backed by Sequoia and NEA and
I run into another friend who works there in the pantry. His wife’s company
was backed by Peter Thiel and Keith Rabois (“Keith”) before selling to Gilt.
The secretary tells me to take Uber or Lyft to SF.
Next meeting is with a VP at a public financial software company. He is
doing meetings next door from TechCrunch Disrupt.
Walk over to drinks at Embarcadero where my friend runs a new venture firm.
He is having a fud session with two folks from one of the biggest
kickstarters ever.
Another friend who runs a seed-funded salesforce analytics platform joins.
His wife runs an uber for something, just got back from a big film festival.
My dinner date shows up from his job at a Kleiner-backed health care
startup. We are starting a new seed funded company together. His wife, who
runs a Sequoia backed company is out of town, so I am staying with him,
upstairs from a guy who runs a recruiting app for social networks.
But first we get beers at a bar/brewery he invested in. It is not Sequoia
backed. The guy we meet has been at a Kleiner-backed company too, and his
wife doesn’t run a startup or work at one.
Before bed agree to talk with not meet my other SF friend, whose company
was just today acquired by Cisco.
Those are all the humans I met in SF.