In the Know now has 50 episodes — guide to some favorites

The most recent episodes are fantastic:

Frank Slootman of Snowflake

Anil Dash on inventing social media and remembering social responsibility

Saeju Jeong on creating the Noom app for healthier lives

Abdur Chowdhury on guiding Twitter and post-social media

Jared Hecht on creating GroupMe and re-inventing small business lending with Fundera

Some really amazing guests and heroes I got to interview this last 12 months:

Legendary Harvard Kennedy professor Ronald Heifetz on leadership

Jeff Sutherland, the inventor of the Agile methodology

Legendary biologist and CRISPR co-inventor George Church

Geoffrey Moore, innovation guru and author of Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado

Superforecasting author, Phil Tetlock

Martha Stewart

Super producer Money Mark

Co-creator of the TED videos, Ronda Carnegie

Stephen Wolfram, computer science god++