Is the new iPad underwhelming?

Definitely not. The skeptics case on the first iPad was “it’s a big iPod. Nobody needs it”. The bull’s case was “this is neat”. Now it’s “they will kill Microsoft” for the bulls. And the skeptics are like “well it’s not as mind-blowing as the 2nd one!”

Actually, no, skeptic, you are wrong.

It’s faster, better camera, better screen, faster network. Basically every spec is just better. And the price is same. And the one that it is supposedly not much better than, got a 20% price cut.

So, I think it puts heat on everybody else especially Android. (Plus they made some great new software for it which is not really a feature you can tout in a bullet list.)

The annoying thing is it doesn’t create some fundamentally new way to use it. “You can talk to it!”, “Wave at it!”, “Squeeze it!”

But iPad has been so successful because it works great! Nothing to improve in the basic interaction concept. They nailed it.

Another thing, with Jobs dead, every loser blogger feels free to second guess the Apple Locomotive in a way they didn’t have the moral authority to do against Jobs. See this nonsense from VentureBeat. I think there will be lots more of this “ah, now they’ve lost it” stuff.