Leadership lessons from Sheryl Sandberg

Tldr from this good hour piece:

1. Via Dave Goldberg she says “In a partnership, trust the shared process” rather than hoping to hammer our agreement on all key issues up front and then rely on then as permanent bedrock. Because 1, you won’t agree and 2, there will be many new issues.

2. When building a team for a scaling company, “don’t hire for experience, hire for skill”. Because nobody has done THIS before, nobody is qualified by their experience. Eg Ad Sales people were irrelevant for creating early adoption of Google Adwords.

3. Hiring faster can be achieved by simplified Show-me-what-you-can-do hiring. Many people Early at Google were not hired in a 13 step process but in a Temp-to-Hire program she created.

4. Get the team aligned and motivated on the goal, rather than the how. They will figure out how to get there and overcome obstacles if you do.

5. Obligation to dissent. Sometimes orders are followed but misunderstood. If people don’t dissent, you don’t find that out. “That’s on me” she keeps saying. Not sure how that succeeds in taking the responsibility but maybe it does!

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