Learnings about Cities from Sadik-Kahn

The new book by the legendary transportation leader Streetfight has some big ahas:

25% of NYC land is roads

The average road is 2x too wide. Car lanes are specified as 12′ though most cars are 6′ wide. Parking lanes are built the same.

Wider lanes make drivers speed more.

More roads/highways lead to more drivers and traffic doesn’t change.

When organizing public hearings, breaking g the room into workshop tables lets the moderate 85% actually speak.

When responding to requests for things, better to say “what did you want to achieve with the requested item?” (Since people often ask for a stoplight when what they want is less speeding on their street.)

Use paint on the street to change how it works. Make a garden, a sidewalk, a turning lane, a slower traffic flow with just paint.