Media News vs Use, election edition.

People love some tech and Headlines love some tech. Not the same tech.

Headlines this election have been driven by:
– Twitter – mainly Trump’s (lots of people watching him talk carelessly publicly)
– Email – mainly Hillary’s (lots of people watching her talk carefully privately)
– Wiki(leaks) – dissident media with silent benefactors
– Reality TV – the Donald tapes

But nobody like Twitter or Email or Wikis – most don’t think any of these is growing in importance

Meanwhile none of these has been “the story” of the election so far:
– Facebook – little newsfeed jiggering there
– YouTube – nothing happened there
– Snapchat – not even Anthony Weiner uses it?
– Google Search – completely irrelevant
– Blogging – indistinguishable from ordinary media
– Podcasting – same as blogging

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