Milestones on Popular Change, 30 days

I’m being kind of open as I work on a new cluster of ideas, and I posted the first bundle of directions in early April if you haven’t had a look.

What have I been doing? I’ve been talking to lots of folks and reading things and trying services/demos.

I’m kind of pleased how quickly a handful of really big, promising, doable concepts are testing out for me. More on that at a high level here at the knote on Popular Change (the umbrella for these efforts).

The market selection, the mode of attack, the ‘founder-market-fit’ and the positive vibes from the venture community are all terrific. Plus I’ve started actually doing stuff on each and they are getting market validation from real market participants. One of them is at the point where we have the first few customers and a flywheel design that is one of the coolest I’ve worked up.

So I’m focusing a lot on people the last few weeks — and perhaps the next few. Having become an expert on the first five levels of the startup video game, and having been to level ten a few times, I think this is a good time to very intentionally and patiently mine/develop my people circles.

If you know folks who would be interested – send them my way. And especially if you know folks from some of the traditionally underrepresented communities in founder world — female, Black, latinx, and so forth. More on that here.