Music: the future is already here…

Jonathan Shieber from TechCrunch and PJ Parson of Northzone at Knotel Houston playing the blues.

(I’m paraphrasing below)

Spotify in Scandinavia (eg 5 years ahead)

PJ my buddy from Northzone talking at the Knotel

75% of the music market is Spotify
65% of PEOPLE use Spotify
30+% of the users are paying


(Video of a beautiful musical show)
The singing!

Are artists and founders similar? Yes. Passion, uncommercial commitment to the ideas is so important.

Can music work if it’s not commercial? No.

Can a startup work if it has no venture capital? Of course.

How many bands did PJ like as a kid? 5. Thin Lizzie, Deep Purple, Queen, Led Zeppelin, …

Kids today like 100s of artists not just five. Big lists.

Music: the future is already here…its just unevenly distributed (in Scandinavia)