NPR says work with me on 17th St

I was on NPR this week!

It’s only my favorite so I’m pleased to pass along the tweet (listen for me at around 3:30): [on WNYC](

Basically we built a big awesome office space to cater to our own startup needs and to other startups we want to work with. If you want to come work with us on 17th Street [we have some space]( for a few small and few medium companies.

It’s how startups use space now. Together.


In fact, the company we’re building here is about collaboration and discussion. Organizing your thoughts in a better way because email is too messy.

Put your name down to check it out here –> [](

It’s not ready yet but it is coming together very well indeed. Stay tuned.

**Give a shout and say hi!** Hope you had a great summer

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