Practical ideas for a Tax Strike. Ideas?

A friend sent a note saying “Can’t we withhold taxes? What would Gandhi do?”

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My answer was, indeed this is exactly the non-violent civil disobedience that Thoreau argues for in his key work “On the Duty of Civil Disobedience”

And it is precisely the basis of Gandhi’s Salt March (big salt tax by the British Raj; the poor try to make their own salt from the sea; the troops are sent in, Gandhi leads a non-violent march to the sea…)
And the Boston Tea Party, of course. “No taxation without representation.”
Taxes are often a great moment for resistance. Which means tax day is a good candidate for this.
But one does worry about being put in jail — you strike and they break the strike.
In the toolkit of civil disobedience, however, there are non-total forms of resistance, like a “sick out”, ways of not paying taxes that could put coordinated pressure on the government without any one person explicitly taking illegal action. An example from the Otpor handbook is “withdrawal of bank deposits” — if a lot of bank customers move their cash deposits out of the bank (to another bank, to cash, to some other type of account e.g., from savings to checking), you can hurt the bank a lot (a “run” on a bank can cause it to fail).