Product idea: Sixth Sense

Here’s a trend: notifications as a platform. Apps and OS-level tools that
bring you notifications are all over the place — the Apple Watch is
arguably all about notifications and then there is the new Facebook app and
central features in Android and iOS plus apps like Pushbullet or Slack.

Here’s another trend: wearables.

Something I heard of: US military commandos with “second skin” on their
backs that takes information and provides it via taps in different

And here is my Sixth Sense product idea. Maybe I’ll even work on it at some
stage: a very simple product, that goes on the body (your ear? ear lobe?
neck? under your hair? a ring?) that taps you when a certain thing happens.
Maybe just one or two things. Not sure what.

I have seen jewelry startups (rings for teens or women or everyone) that
focus on this kind of idea. But I don’t think they have figured out “what
one thing do you actually want to get tapped about, and care enough about
that you want to know before your phone can tell you”.

Maybe there is one person in the world who’s taps you want to hear. Don’t
know. More thought needed.

The Sixth Sense is possible now – but we don’t know what it should be