Product idea: visual recognition cameras

Here’s a start up that somebody has surely started already, that will be a powerful feature of smartphones in the future.
The camera already puts a square around faces. It already tags your geolocation. Apple Photos already collects images under placenames. It groups them by time proximity into Events. “Your trip to X”. It calls them Memories. It also judges good photos by focus and faces.
Amazon and Google photos already tag objects, like pets and weddings and balloons (using large training sets). Facebook already labels people with names (suggests them, based on crowd tagging).
Google Image Search finds other photos on the Internet and tells you what your image is similar to and let’s you find metadata written on those pages to identify it.
The new Product will tell you what you are looking at whenever you take a Photo.
If that’s all it does it will just be a feature. If it does a real-time job it might be an app, like a travel wayfinder. If it is awesome in real-time as more people use it, it might even be a company, like Foursquare.
But it will be a thing.