Product/startup idea: OpenCalendar

Google Maps has eaten the world but at the same time shown the value of
modern, configurable, API-based maps. So I have been happy to see Mapbox
doing really well for example. And the next-gen ideas on maps are
unbelievable — maps so accurate and up-to-date your self-driving car uses
them to avoid collisions (not just traffic!)

So how about Calendar? Where’s the innovation here? Google Calendar has
essentially all the features you want/need in a closed system but ALL THE
FRICTION is in scheduling, meeting, booking, rescheduling with OTHERS
(people, companies, doctors, restaurants, flights).

For the user, a calendar is a “do this now”. For the system, a user’s a
calendar is an API-programmable behavior control platform.

Where is the marketing in calendars? Where is the purchasing? Where is the
discovery? The knowledge? The relationships? None of the core features and
behaviors around most applications are happening in calendars.

We need a github/blockchain for calendars. A scheduling platform that
developers build into everything instead of building a time/date widget
into their app, web apps, etc etc.

Time, local timezone, human readable, free/busy, friend’s free/busy, book
it, going/tentative/declined, notes, location, map, directions, travel
time, return time, adjacency, who else is going to be there?, what to do in
the area…

UI and workflow widgets like “share this” buttons for scheduling and change
management and updates and alerts and reminders.