Reader’s Questions: Framing and Telling


a few years ago you told me that one of the key things to do when you speak in public/teach etc. is to “frame” the material to give context, etc…. I never forgot that and have tried to incorporate that into my talks, etc.

today I was mentoring a student who really needed to “frame” things better… is there a book or link you can think of that elaborates on this? (this may date back to the stuyvesant national champion of debate era)

if it’s just common sense- “frame the frigging material” that’s good enough for me…


Thanks for your question “d”.

There is this biblical line “Search the scriptures, for in them ye think ye shall find eternal life.”

Cool conversations like that one you mentioned are very rewarding to hear about after some time. I wish I could remember the context. I wish it was written down.

What I will offer you, however, is that the latest stable release of my views on this are the storytelling chapter of the startup class, Venturing to Change the World.

Reveal a truth in this fashion: Know audience, set scene, establish character, unveil inciting incident, follow quest to finale.

The course: