Recent memes in web UI design

Arguably the main insight of Pinterest is an amazing UI design which is itself arguably lifted from its inventor: Flipboard.

But no arguing that it’s just a better UI than the previous incumbent:

The Stream
Made famous by Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook News Feed and Mini Feed. This one feels as tired today as Google Reader felt when Twitter whomped it.



The Pinterest Endless Scroll
Flipboard, Bing Images, Google Images. This one feels magical these days eh?

Google’s version mid-load



And oh-by-the-way another goodie is the Giant Content
as in pictures or text; made famous in hits like or Tumblr. Bokeh/big type. It’s fun and easy.


Acddbagh Ffiaaici



or here on Erly where the site seems to do nothing more than show you giant versions of your own pictures



One more, The App Desktop which I think apple should get credit for if it takes off