#Resist accomplishments from the Committee and others this week.

Welcome, Pragmatic Businessman Leader!

Here are some good, things I noticed this week among folks who believe the new president and world climate are dangerous:

  1. Our group Committee to Protect America is reaching lots of people and they are forming groups. There are maybe 20 groups we know about that members have formed and engaged, touching perhaps 500 people.
  2. One of the members is a former congressional staffer and did a call with tips/ideas for members where 100 people joined. I was impressed. Link to the call recording here.
  3. The #Indivisible ideas are spreading and people are talking about it directly quite a lot. You should read the guide. IndivisibleGuide – it is a playbook for Tea Party style resistance.
  4. There are groups working seriously on impeachment. There was some news about court filings — but there is way more to it and I was impressed by some folks who shared what they have accomplished to build a program here.
  5. If you haven’t read the brilliant OTPOR manual for making oppression backfire, you should here at CANVAS.
  6. I’m also feeling good about the strength of opposition and openness to collaboration of the governors of CA, NY, etc. Here is the new attorney general of California talking tough and he’s kind of right — the sixth largest economy in the world will defend its people and its interests. Nice.


I offer that for you, gentle reader, on the morning that we are reading about a Muslim Ban and other dangerous new steps toward the brink of global war.