Six Ps of Venture Investing, hat tip to Morgan Polatan

We had the very thoughtful and insightful investor from Bloomberg Beta
visit our Knotel Venture School class on Thursday May 11.

Morgan told us how he evaluates venture investments, roughly, using his
very nice checklist.


Morgan’s six P framework.

People – is the founder and team stellar? Have they done great things in
life? Think job interview and biography, not “track record”.

Problem – are you working on some big huge thing?

Product – have you got something that solves this problem?

Promotion – how will you credibly realistically get users?

Purchase – NOT “how do people pay for it”. Rather more “deal mechanics”
like investment amount, price, stage and exit potential. Weird P.

Protection – “moats” in the Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett sense,
potentially including “IP” but more like network and scale effects and