Skipping rope with Halo Sport, #3

I have been doing a little experiment. I’m using Halo on myself with my morning routine. It’s not a complicated routine. There are a few exercises and then I skip rope.

This is Halo trial 6.

The past:

In summary, all spring I’ve been jumping around 130 or 140 reps. Then I trip. Usually what makes your trip is lack of focus for a little bit of tiredness. Weirdly this happened very consistently. I would jump three or four times per week.

The link above tells you about the first two times I tried halo. Pretty much everything was consistent. However I jumped a bunch more. First time I did 255 reps, the second time I cleared 340.

Then I went on a trip and I did not have Halo with me. But I did take my skipping rope. That day I messed up. I tripped at about 70 and I tripped again at around 228. That was three days in a row of trials.

Then I had some busy days.

Returning to my skipping rope on Saturday I did not use Halo. Terrible outing. I tripped at 78, 79 and again at 80. I should’ve stopped. But I thought maybe I could keep going and recover. I just stopped.

Sunday, again no Halo. Again really bad outing. I tripped at 45, I tripped at 75. I tried to pick it back up and carry-on and tripped again at 120.

Monday morning, I put on Halo and did my morning routine. 21 minutes of stimulation. This is the third time that I’m using Halo and my regime.

359 before I tripped.

“Anecdata” in the words of my friend Doug Moore (bias, placebo, selection, training, etc). The real science is at and forthcoming in our publications.

But give me more of these anecdotes please!