Some notes on how to do the #indivisible gameplan

tl;dr in case you don’t want to listen to this great briefing on the Indivisible gameplan, here are my notes.
David was there in 2009.
Republicans started by
– looking for compromise (negotiating)
– retreating and licking wounds (McConnell)
When the tea party got going, it all changed to NO.
So the gameplan is
– STOP the president
– Slow them down
Over time we will put forward a positive agenda. But right now, the house is on fire and we must mobilize immediately.
Other examples of Tea Party tactics
— a UN bill David worked on that was killed by Home Schoolers Network who went after two senators to kill the deal
The hearings of the cabinet are being delayed by this type of action now. People calling and showing up to express displeasure, e.g., against DeVos.
The simpler the movement’s goals are the better — saying no. Simpler to aim.
DC itself will gum up the administration. It happened to Obama. We have to use those processes on Trump as well.
The psychology of the member of congress: they want to be voted for. They really truly both selfishly and in mindset want their constituents to feel people see shared values.
1. Contact journalists to talk about your movement
2. Town halls. Go.
3. Call on the phone.
4. Go to the office.
5. Reach out to the media afterward
Goldstein has a group in New Haven. What did he do?
– Emailed a bunch of folks and said I’m worried. Let’s get together.
– List it on a few sites
– Meet!