Some unreads have built up. Now is the time to tackle them.

Been traveling. Just back. Slept well. Now for my unreads.

The time is 8:38am.

Work account status:

First move:

Marked some read without reading: 18

Now working through the other 18, some requiring unsub, and some requiring detailed followups, time is 8:57am.

Set up a new interest group, invited 50 people to an event on Tuesday, started creating a new mailing list, updated this blog post, assigned 10 tasks to colleagues.

9:25am. Now have a call.


Not moving so fast, am I?

Calls done, 10:30am.

Shoe shopping done, 10:45am.

Back to it.

Now done for now, 11:55am: 

2 hours, 60 emails net processed. :( Partly due to new ones raining down on me now!

Enjoy your mornings!

/ Update / later that night

5 more hours: 18 unread.