Talk vs Demo

Tonight I gave a demo. In front of 1,000 people and their twitter accounts at New York Tech Meetup.

I often give talks. I recently hypnotized 500 people, never having done hypnosis. It was cool.

But a tech demo. Yikes.

Things can go wrong. Thing is you can’t really control.

– your laptop could go to sleep
– The Wi-Fi could suck
– The screen they connect you two could be a weird shape so your demo doesn’t fit
– The microphones could screw up
– Apple could announce that day that they have built your product a lot better.

These are things completely completely out of your control.

– your servers could crash
– there could be some obvious bug

These are things that are moderately out of your control.

(I think the demo went awesome. People got the gist of what we’re doing. “Move threads to another place so you can do more”. Now let’s see if we get some people to start trying it.)