TaskRabbit, some scary shit

On the one hand these crowd-work platforms are great. We have hired a bunch
of people via the platform to work at various properties (repairs,
cleaning…) and it’s so easy –> they reply online, email with you, etc.
Like ebay for “real work” instead of the current world of late contractors
and unreliable crazy people.

On the other hand, it’s too easy. I just learned that one of the
Taskrabbits we had worked with last year — who had access to our building
and was “in my apartment” a couple times and later went dark/stopped
working with us — had a problem.

The guy disappeared and apparently committed suicide recently. He was super
nice and didn’t hurt anyone to my knowledge, but he was in a lot of
physical pain due to a disorder and I found out today that he took his own
life last month.

This is really sad and maybe it could happen anywhere, but it gives me
pause about working with strangers.


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