The features of supporting products

Take a look at if you don’t know it.

You can paste a blob of text and get an URL referring to it.

Mass publishing! YouTube for text! A backdoor crie de Tehran!

Here is what got it going: developers do/did sit at their terminals all day with headphones in. They socialize and discuss stuff though. They do this in IM.

IM is horrible when you paste text in. Formatted bizarrely (why? Even Skype today fails this way).

So instead throw in a link to a pastebin URL. Now we are looking at the same thing.

Awesome. The chat and the content side by side. Great.

That’s what makes pastebin work.

Here is a new hip IM client that people are talking about in startup land for quite some time now: Hipchat

I haven’t bothered to try it. I walk around all day not sit with headphones. My devs work at night while I party (er, sleep).

So what does hipchat do?

Let me guess: present code well.

Be back in a minute after I try it.