The greatness of Braun, or where Apple come from

Insiders know that Apple copies Braun. Or Jobs copied Dieter Rahms. The German is goddam genius.

I bought their iconic watch recently.

LEARN and profit.


I won’t even comment on the watch at this point. But looks at the assembly of materials on the packaging.

First we have this gorgeous plastic box. iPod anyone?

But OK anyone plays with Lucite.

The watch isn’t sitting on an integrated plastic band a la Swatch. It is sitting on this black near-tempurpedic foam.

Plus it’s all in this crisp ABS plastic shell. Like the body of a television or pencil box of yore.

And you like that extra paper shell right? Buy an LV bag. It comes in one of those.

What was this all about…..?

Oh yeah a sexy watch with an ultra minimal shape and lines. Never mind the machining and leather and closure.

All for $150.

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